Megan Parks


I’m a very passionate person. When I find something I love, I commit. I grew up in Huntington and I played a little bit of everything (Basketball, Softball, Track) but, my first passion I found was Dance. I lived and breathed it throughout high school. After High school, I stopped dancing due to our limited resources in East Texas. After not dancing for a while, I felt incomplete but, I figured that’s just a part of growing up and becoming an adult.

Stepping forward a little, I went to college got a degree in applied science (Respiratory Therapy), got married to my high school sweetheart, and gained some weight. I worked for a bit as a therapist, but soon started traveling with my husband where I gained more weight. I knew at that point I had to start looking for some type of gym to attend while traveling, and found a “boot camp” style facility in September 2012.

The gym I started at also had CrossFit, and a friend and I would always just sit and watch the “Crossfitters” do their workout, and think we could NEVER do that!!

 A few months go by, about 25 pounds drop off, from the boot camp, and somehow the coach talks us into trying his “On Ramp”class for CrossFit.  Reluctantly, we did, and I was hooked! More weight fell off and finally my feeling of being incomplete over the last few years was being filled with my new love CrossFit.

The feeling it gives me is unreal. If I’m mad, sad, or just need to forget about something I turn to CrossFit. It is my happy place!

We have been to many boxes and have met so many great people through Crossfit. The Crossfit community is like no other. We have always felt welcome everywhere we’ve gone.

We found Loudhouse in 2014, and knew instantly this would be our home box. Currently, the husband and I have decided to stop traveling, and Loudhouse is giving me an amazing opportunity to fulfill another dream, coaching.  Coaching is a whole new level of excitement! I always dreamed of coaching but never thought it possible for me. It is though, and I can’t be more excited and eager to learn as much as possible to help others.

 I love watching people grow and when a person does something they say they could never do, and they thank you for all your help, knowing that I was a part of it makes my day.


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CrossFit Judges course

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