Kristie Havens


I would say my passion in life has been to help people. In 1995, I became a nurse and spent a lot of years taking care of others. Now, my focus is on raising my son and physical fitness.

I was never an athletic person growing up. I wouldn’t even try sports for the fear of not being any good. Things took a turn for me after losing my mom suddenly to a heart attack. I realized I needed to do everything I could to take care of my health.
2012- Enter Crossfit…. I was looking for a change in my current exercise routine when I started a boot camp style program with some great people. They just happened to be in the process of opening Loudhouse Crossfit. So, in April 2012 on that first day open, I walked in the door terrified.
I have been fortunate to have some wonderful coaches helping me along this amazing path. I want to give that in return to other people. It touches my heart to watch someone be able to make a lift they never thought they could do or run a lap in the parking lot when previously they could barely walk it. It is so exciting and uplifting to be a part of someone achieving their goals.
I LOVE to see how Crossfit can make people stronger, both physically and mentally. Seeing an increase in one’s self confidence and participating in that journey is a true blessing.

Certifications and Training:

Wife and Mother


  • Crossfit Level 1
  • USAW Sport Performance Coach
  • Crossfit Judges Course 2014

Recreational Athletic Experience:

  • Running- Warrior Dash x2
  • Crossfit competitions