Amanda Skinner


I LOVE being a Mom, a Wife, and a Coach! What a privilege and honor it is to be a part of LoudHouse CrossFit! My passion is helping and teaching people of all ages, kids to seniors. I love to see someone come into our Box scared to death but ready for change. I love to watch them grow and learn and better themselves. I love to see the excitement and the happiness they find when they finish a WOD and realize they were 30 seconds faster than the last time. I love to see the moms and dads come in after dropping their kids at school and work together to conquer a goal, and then sit and talk about their day, their kids, their progress. I love to see kids run in the door excited because we finally get to do an EMOM WOD! It warms my heart to see the kid who feels left out at school, who maybe doesn’t fit the athletic cool kid mold, to be able to come in and learn they CAN be a part of something great that they can climb the rope or jump the box. Watching them realize they are the COOL kid and that they are never judged but are part of a really cool family is PRICELESS! I can say without hesitation that I am BLESSED!

  • • Owner/Trainer
  • • Mom and Wife

Certifications / Seminars

  • • CrossFit Level 2Trainer
  • • CrossFit Kids
  • • Trigger Point Mobility
  • • CrossFit Mobility
  • • ISSA Personal Trainer
  • • USAW Sports Performance Coach

Recreational athletic experience:
Running: San Antonio Marathon, San Antonio ½ Marathon, Bandera 25k, Bandera 50k,