What is Chicfit?

Tired of TV ads, gym boredom, and over-promised fitness routines? Interested in CrossFit, but not ready to commit to heavy barbells and complex movements?

No problem.

Loudhouse CrossFit has taken our experience with functional, results-oriented fitness, and developed the perfect program for you. ChicFit was made for women who are still interested in high-intensity, effective workouts, with a feminine twist.

Classes are programmed FOR WOMEN and BY WOMEN. Ensuring the most effective, figure-flattering results you’ve ever experienced.

ChicFit is a high-intensity, core-focused program made for women only.

While women typically have a tendency to shy away from weight, we embrace a little resistance training using fun tools like medicine balls, dumbells, kettlebells and more! While you’ll never see a barbell in our class, we’re still on a mission to get you strong and toned.

This program is not just about getting a lean and hot body. Sure, that’s part of it, but what it’s really all about is changing lives, and helping women find long-term happiness and confidence.