10 Tips for CrossFit Newbies

10 Tips for CrossFit Newbies:

  1. Scale. Scaling a workout is NOT, not doing a workout or “cheating” a workout. Scaling appropriately is how we all get better as athletes.  The “RX” used in CrossFit is simply the “prescribed” or recommended weights or standards. If you are just starting out use this as a point of reference, different workouts have different stimuluses. Your coach will help you decide the best scaling option for each work out.
  2. Take time to recover…sleep, nutrition, rest, and mobility. While we are working out, we are taxing all the systems in our bodies and tearing down our muscles. We grow in the recovery phase so; proper recovery is just as important as the workout.
  3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you feel like quitting, push through. The more you give in to pain or fear the stronger that habit becomes.
  4. Make friends at the box. We cannot emphasize this one enough. Community is such a GIANT part of CrossFit and the more friends you make the better you will do.  Not only can/do they lift you up but they can also hold you accountable when you are slacking.
  5. Just do CrossFit… Do not get sucked into 1 or 2 aspects of CrossFit like weightlifting or gymnastics. The reason CrossFit is so effective is the fact that it is a well-rounded fitness regimen. By design it is constantly varied, this is the magic!
  6. Embrace technique do not worry about the clock. We have seen so many people learn this the hard way. This goes hand in hand with the scaling discussion above.  Technique is the most important aspect of CrossFit and if you learn that technique in the beginning, you will not be fighting bad habits!
  7. Listen to your coach. Everyone has advice, that is great but, at the beginning focus strictly on coaches’ advice. This goes for the internet coaches as well, it is easy to get sucked in to wanting to learn all you can about something and we look to the Googles to help us. The problem with that is that it can really confuse you.  Your coaches are trained to give you the information you need at any particular time without overloading you with too many things to think about. Trust your coach they are there to help you!
  8. Some days you will hit PRs, some days you will not. It is OK. Our bodies are constantly dealing with LIFE.  Stress, recovery, what you have eaten, have you sat in meetings all day, did the kiddo wake you up last night, etc…. ALL of these things are factors in our performance.
  9. Track your progress. This is why we use SugarWOD.  Take before pictures.  Measure what you eat.  Track your workouts.  If you are tracking and something is not working, you’ll know where to make changes.
  10. Have fun. Enjoy your time at the box. Do not be too hard on yourself! A positive mindset is path to success.