1. I have to be in shape to start

We have heard this one consistently over the years, and it is just not true. First, unless you are doing something very similar to what we do at CrossFit, you will never really understand it. What I mean by that is there is a lot of misinformation out there about CrossFit. Yes, we do high-intensity workouts but we do them based on your ability. CrossFit is universally scalable. In other words, I can have my top athlete and my 86-year-old grandma in the same class, doing the same workout; we just scale the work based on their ability.

2. (Ladies) I do not want to get bulky.

This is, by far, the number one thing I hear from women starting out. Again, this stems from a whole lot of misconceptions out there about CrossFit. This misconception is fed from the internet entirely. You see all these pictures on the web of all these super fit people and, some do look big and bulky. However, the VAST majority of people in CrossFit gyms around the globe DO NOT look like that. Now, I am going to defend those athletes a little here. First off, the pics that you see are normally taken during or immediately after a workout when they are sweaty and “pumped up”. This makes them look bulky. I have seen a whole lot of the top CrossFit athletes in person; they are NOT bulky. They are lean and muscular but not bulky at all. Again though, these are top athletes. Most of us could not look like that if we tried. We just do not have the genetics or time to put the effort in to get to that level of fitness.

3. (Men) I do not want to lose my gainz.

This one is actually somewhat funny to me. Only because, it is almost the exact opposite fear that women have about CrossFit. Once again, this is based on misconceptions of what CrossFit actually is. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program first and foremost. What we do is train functional movement at high-intensity but that intensity does not mean that we are always doing metabolic conditioning (cardio). Some days are purely strength days, and on those days, we focus on building muscle and strength. Now, are we going shape you into a pro bodybuilder? Nope. Let us be honest here though, most of us are not built for that and do not want to be that big. Most of us want to look lean, muscular, and be healthy. That is what we do at CrossFit; we help you achieve overall fitness.

Most of our CrossFit athletes at Loudhouse just want to be healthy. They want to feel better about themselves and look better naked. Absolute beginners are welcome, in fact, I love coaching beginners because it is fun to see how quickly they improve. Therefore, you do not have to be fit to start, just start. Ladies, you are not going to turn into the incredible hulk. Men, you will not lose your swollenness. Just try it! You will love it!