Stop eating Carbs! They are killing you!

Got your attention?


Now, let’s talk about all nonsense in the diet industry.

Daily I am asked about diet fads… “Hey coach, what do you think about the Keto Diet?” Or the macro diet, low-carb, high-carb, paleo…. Whatever. I get asked about all of them and what my opinion is.

My opinion is the same for all of them.

They are all just tools and depending on your goals any of them may or may not work for you. As an example, if your goal is to be as fast and strong as you possibly can then the Keto diet is a terrible choice. However, if your goal is weight loss then it may work for you.

One problem with a lot of these ‘diets’ is this…. Someone will have great success with one diet or the other and then they become dogmatic about how their diet is the best.

A few things you should ask yourself:

What is your goal?

How committed are you to that goal?

If you want to be a fitness model, your commitment and what you eat will be VASTLY different than someone that just wants to eat healthy and feel better.

There are two common misperceptions about getting lean:

Myth #1:
With just a few small, easy, hopefully imperceptible changes to one’s diet and exercise routine, you too can have shredded abs, big biceps, and tight glutes, just like a magazine cover model.

Myth #2:
“Getting into shape” or “losing weight” involves painful, intolerable sacrifice, restriction, and deprivation.

*neither of these are true.

Reality #1:
The process that helps you lose “the first 10 pounds” isn’t the same one that’ll help you lose “the last 10 pounds”. Indeed, it usually takes a lot more work as you get leaner.

Reality #2:
If you do aspire to “fitness model” or “elite athlete” lean, you might be surprised. Images are photoshopped for effect. Bodybuilders only look like that for competition. And achieving that look comes at a high cost; one most people aren’t willing to pay.

Reality #3:
However, if you’re okay not being on the next magazine cover and aspire to be “lean and healthy” even small adjustments can — over time — add up to noticeable improvements. Sometimes these improvements can change, perhaps even save, lives. *(From a Precision Nutrition article HTTP://WWW.PRECISIONNUTRITION.COM/COST-OF-GETTING-LEAN)

With all that being said, here are some tips to help you achieve your body composition goals.

Unless you are a genetic freak, you CANNOT eat donuts and drink alcohol and expect 6 pack abs. If anyone tells you different they are lying to you. Those Instagram models that are plowing through the crappy food saying it “fits their macros” and you too can look like them… Yeah, what they aren’t telling you are the “supplements” they are taking to help them look like that. (Clen, Test, etc…) Don’t believe me, talk to any respectable nutrition coach.
If you aren’t willing to be that dedicated to getting lean, that’s perfectly fine. You can still be healthy and enjoy those treats you love occasionally. They key here is to be consistent. Make more food choices that benefit your health and wellbeing and less that do not. Consistency over time will lead to healthy long term.
Need some help being awesome? Reach out to me. I LOVE helping folks with their nutrition goals. Whether you want to be a fitness model or rock that dad bod, I can help you out! (JK, no dad bods!)