Training vs. Competing

3…2…1… GO! The clock has started and you are going all out! “I’m gonna crush this WOD today!” you tell yourself in your head. You hop up on the pull-up bar and flail yourself over the bar then you hop down grab the bar and proceed, back rounded, to “clean” the bar off the floor, legs splaying open you land the bar on your shoulders. You manage to make it through the WOD RXd…. Congratulations!

But… did you gain anything from that workout or were you just competing? Either with the clock, yourself, or someone else?

There is a time for both training and competing but, 90% of the time you should be WAY more concerned with training.

Training is doing the workout with purpose and an intention to become better. Better, at the movements as well as more fit for the next time you do that workout or those moves.

Competing is doing the workout anyway you can grind through it to have a competitive time.

So, which do you choose?

Simple… if you struggle with a move and you are just coming to your normal, daily, CrossFit class. Then take the opportunity to work on that move.

Let’s use yesterday’s WOD as an example. The moves were rowing, front squats, rope climbs and toes to bar. You come in knowing that you can RX all of it but, you struggle with your kipping toes 2 bar. You can do them strict and one at a time and totally RX that WOD with a slower time.

Two things happen if you do that. First, you are not improving your toes to bar and second, you are changing the intensity of the workout by doing strict toes to bar.

Another great example, let’s say we are doing the workout Grace, 30 clean and jerks for time and 135/95. The intent of this workout is to fit in the time domain of 3-5 minutes. You come in and “know” that you can RX that weight but, it’s going to take you 11 minutes to do it. You’ve just changed the entire purpose of that workout. You’ve taken a barbell conditioning WOD, METCON, and turned it into a strength workout. So, in this scenario you are not “training” your metabolic conditioning you are just “competing” to be RXd.

You guys know, we always talk about scaling. SCALING IS NOT CHEATING! Scaling is training! Which is the entire purpose of why we are at the gym in the first place. We are training our bodies to be strong, fit, and healthy.

Need help deciding how to train better for each wod? Ask your coach! That is what we are here for. We can help you decide proper weight and the appropriate scale to help you become better.


Ever notice that sometimes one little thought of something leads to it being all you can think about? No?

Try this. For the next 30 seconds I want you to NOT think about polar bears. Block all thoughts of them out of your mind. Don’t think about where they live. Don’t think about how they look or what they eat. Don’t think about them at all.

Ready? Go….

So, how’d it go?

My guess is, you just thought more about polar bears than you’ve thought about them in the last week, month, or maybe years!


Because that is how our brain thinks.

Now, let’s discuss how this applies to your nutrition choices. When we go on a “diet” we typically are eliminating foods from our normal diet. Then we obsess, at times, about those foods. “OMG… I want a cupcake SO bad!” That is because that is how our brains work. What we think about becomes what we think about.

So… Let’s try this. Focus on the foods that you can have! I can have thousands of delicious foods. I am not depriving myself of anything.

I’m guessing your brain will follow you in your thoughts and it will make your healthy choices much easier.

Try it!