One of the most prevalent questions that I get asked is, how do you come up with programming? So, I thought I’d take a moment and explain how the programming happens at Loudhouse. First, I typically do all of the programming and I normally program weekly with the exception of the strength cycle which is done monthly. I will typically work on it throughout the week and then give it to Coach Mando for review on Sunday, once I have her approval I’ll send it off to the rest of the coaches and email it out to everyone on the mailing list at the box.

So, what goes in to programming? Well, a lot actually. First, and foremost, we start with a desire to change people. Following that, we program CrossFit. CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Many people believe that what is programmed is random, when in all actuality it is far from it. The true Crossfit methodology for programming is a 3 day 1 day off template but, because life doesn’t really happen on that schedule, I tend to follow a standard 5 day on 2 day off template that allows for constant variance but, allows me to ensure that I am programming all aspects of fitness domains and modals defined by CrossFit. (Cardio/respiratory, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy) You guys may have noticed that when I send out the programming for the week, above each day is a letter or series of letters that vary from day to day and week to week. These letters each represent a specific modality. (M = metabolic conditioning, g = gymnastics, w = weightlifting) Following this template allows for “patterning” if you will, so that if you show up 2 days per week, same day each week, you still hit all domains of fitness over time. In other words, if you show up every Tuesday and Thursday at Loudhouse you will not be working in the same modality or fitness domain. On a more advanced level, this is where the magic happens. (haha) In all seriousness, I try to look at our athletes as a whole and consider what we struggle with the most. Then I try to tackle those issues, typically in a linear progressive style with periodization. The Wendler Method that we have been using for strength, for instance, is a basic linear progression with periodization. Meaning, over time we slowly add weight to our lifts. The strength cycle was added mainly to allow our athletes to focus on building a great base of strength in 3 of our most important lifts, squat, press, and deadlift. Daily, the WOD or Metcon, follows the pattern/s that I talked about above and I either make them up or, if I see something on the interwebs that I like, I will program those in. For instance, I am constantly looking at the CrossFit mainsite WODs as well as other coaches that I respect in the community to see what they are doing and what they are programming for their athletes.

Our programming has changed a bit over the years but we have always remained very close to the original format as defined by CrossFit. That is GPP or General Physical Preparedness in the fitness domains that I have already mentioned. What does this mean? Well, in real life, it means that we can show up for a Spartan race and complete all the obstacles because we have been trained in general fitness. (GPP) In other words, we do not specialize in any specific modal. If I programmed specifically for running and we weren’t hitting the other domains of fitness you may be a great runner but, you wouldn’t be able to climb a rope or pick up a sandbag, for instance.

Note, this is a general overview of what goes into the Loudhouse programming, I could talk details for days. So, with all this being said, the takeaway for you should be this… I program with the intention to make you change you for the better. To help you achieve fitness that will allow you to take on whatever challenge this life throws at you.

Coach J